(Inci : Olive oil unsaponifiables)



Olive oil is the main source of vegetable squalene. Squalene is a natural polyunsaturated hydrocarbon which is classified as a non saponifiable component
of natural lipids.


In olive fruit, squalene is the intermediate which is involved in the biosynthesis of olive oil unsaponifiables including tocopherols, phytosterols and triterpenic alcohols.

From a biological viewpoint, squalene is a powerfull antioxidant, more potent than vitamin E, participating actively to the protection against oxidative stress of the fragile phytochemicals which are involved in the fruit growing.


In human, squalene is a key component of sebum which is responsible of skin homeostasis. Squalene is one of the main important components of epidermal hydrolipidic film, confering to sebum its moisturizing and fluidity properties. Moreover, in epidermis, squalene is biologically transformed in sphingosine, ceramides and cholesterol sulfate : 3 key substrates of biological importance directly involved in stratum corneum renewal.


Biosynthis has improved the extraction process of olive squalene with revisiting deeply the industrial receipe : the objective was to avoid oxidation and isomerization of squalene.


Caution : Biosynthis squalene is exclusively obtained from olive oil. Biosynthis guarants a quality totaly free of shark squalene . Each batch is systematicaly controlled by an isotopic C12/C13.