Olive Squalane
(Inci : Squalane)



Squalane is obtained from olive squalene. Squalane is a translucid and odorless liquid which is highly resistant to air oxidation.


Squalane is a very potent emollient recognized by cosmetics formulators as a key ingredient. Applied to the skin, squalane penetrates rapidly in the stratum corneum without forming a fatty film.


Squalane reinforces skin barrier lipids and limits trans epidermal water loss (TEWL). Squalane is often used as a carrier of lipophilic bioactive ingredients to enhance their skin bioavailability.


SQUALIVE™ is the squalane produced by Biosynthis according its own industrial process allowing to produce low-isomers products.

Caution : Biosynthis squalane is exclusively obtained from olive oil. Biosynthis guarants a quality totaly free of shark squalane. Each batch is systematicaly controlled by an isotopic C12/C13.