NATURAL UV-Protection
(Inci : Pongamia glabra seed oil)



KARANSUN™ is a natural vegetable oil issued from Indian biodiversity. Pongamia seed oil contains 2 unique molecules, pongamol and karanjin which are natural UV-A and UV-B absorbers. Pongamol has a similar chemical structure than synthetic avobenzone (Parsol UV-filter). KARANSUN™ can be used as a biodegradable UV-booster with no deleterious impact on marine biotope.


KARANSUN™ is obtained by cold pressing followed by physical purification.

KARANSUN™ can be used in cosmetic formulations as UV-protection boosters in combination with mineral filters such as TiO2 (SPF > 40).

KARANSUN™ GEL is an ingredient wherein karanja seed oil is combined with VISCOPLAST™ to form water-resistant formulations.

KARANSUN™ GEL in combination with VEGELIGHT™ allows to formulate oily-formulations free of preservatives, water and silicones.

Biosynthis has developped KARANSUN™ PLUS, a karanja oil highly concentrated in pongamol (4 % wt min).

KARANSUN™ is readily biodegradable, photostable and presents a perfect safety profile.